2005 Tour of Azerbaijan (Iran)

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Tour of Azerbaijan 2005 was the 20th running of the Tour of Iran (Azerbaijan), which took place between 22 May and 29 2005 in Iranian Azerbaijan. The tour had 7 stages, in which Ghader Mizbani from Iran won the first place in over all of the tour.[1]

Stages of the Tour[edit]

Stage Date start finish length winner country
Proluge 22 May Hossein Askari  IRN
1 23 May Omar Hasanin  SYR
2 24 May Ghader Mizbani  IRN
3 25 May David McCann  Ireland
4 26 May Abbas Saedi Tanha  IRN
5 27 May Paul Griffin  Ireland
6 28 May Mehdi Sohrabi  IRN
7 29 May Mostafa Seyed Rezaei Khormizi  IRN

General classification[edit]

Rank Rider Country
1 Ghader Mizbani  IRN
2 Ahmad Kazemi Sarai  IRN
3 Omar Hasanin  SYR


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