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Barack, also spelled Barak or Baraq, is a given name of Arabic origin. From the Semitic root B-R-K, it means "blessed" and is most commonly used in its feminine form Baraka(h).

The Semitic root B-R-K has the original meaning of "to kneel down", with a secondary meaning "to bless".[1]: p.121 

In Islamic mysticism, Barakah (Arabic: بركة) is a concept of spiritual presence or revelation. The cognate Hebrew term is Berakhah (בְּרָכָה) "benediction, blessing" which is related to the Biblical Hebrew given name Baruch (Hebrew: בָּרוּךְ, Modern: Barukh, Tiberian: Bārûḵ, "blessed"). It can also be derived from the root B-R-Q (Hebrew: ב-ר-ק; Arabic: ب-ر-ق), meaning "lightning".

The Arabic masculine given name Mubarak is the Arabic stem III passive participle, mubārak (مبارك), meaning "blessed (one)".

The name is cognate with the Amharic given name ብሩክ ("Biruk").

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