Dome of al-Khidr

Coordinates: 31°46′42″N 35°14′05″E / 31.77833°N 35.23472°E / 31.77833; 35.23472
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Dome of al-Khidr
Qubbat al-Khidr
قبة الخضر
Dome of al-Khidr is located in Jerusalem
Dome of al-Khidr
Location within the Old City of Jerusalem
Geographic coordinates31°46′42″N 35°14′05″E / 31.77833°N 35.23472°E / 31.77833; 35.23472
Date established16th century

The Dome of al-Khidr (Arabic: قبة الخضر, romanizedQubbat al-Khidr) or the Dome of St. George[1][2] is a small domed-building located in the southwest corner of the Temple Mount (Haram ash-Sharif), in the Old City of Jerusalem. Is it dedicated to Khidr, who is associated with Saint George in local tradition.

History and description[edit]

According to tradition, the dome of al-Khidr was built in the 16th century,[3][4] in commemoration of Khidr, a saint mentioned in verse 65-82, chapter 18 of the Koran and would rise on the spot where Khidr stopped to pray to Allah.[4]

The dome has a hexagonal structure and is supported by six gray marble columns.[5] Inside the dome, it has a red stone niche.[4]

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