Givat Massuah

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Street in Givat Massuah

Givat Massuah (Hebrew: גבעת משואה, lit.'Beacon Hill') is a new neighborhood in the southwest outskirts of Jerusalem, overlooking Malha and Emek Lavan Valley. It has a population of 1,100 families, mainly secular and Orthodox Jews. Givat Massuah was established in 1996.

Givat Massuah is built in a modern style and has many parks, trees and playgrounds. Services offered in Givat Massuah include a grocery store, barber shop, bakery, two medical centers, several kindergartens, elementary school, three Orthodox synagogues, a Bnei Akiva and Scouting branch.


Coordinates: 31°45′00″N 35°10′04″E / 31.749908°N 35.167655°E / 31.749908; 35.167655