Givat Oranim

Coordinates: 31°45′41″N 35°12′23″E / 31.761474°N 35.206488°E / 31.761474; 35.206488
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Shai Agnon Boulevard, Givat Oranim

Givat Oranim (Hebrew: גבעת אורנים) is a neighborhood in southwestern Jerusalem, bordered by Katamon, Rassco, San Simon and Kiryat Shmuel.[1]

Givat Oranim was established after 1948. The area played an important part in the battle for the San Simon monastery during 1948 Palestine war. It is populated by a mix of national religious and secular Jews.[1] Large-scale building in 1991 included a project of 78 housing units combining high rise buildings and townhouses.[2]

In this neighborhood there was an attempt to assassinate the left-wing activist, Zeev Sternhell, by putting a bomb on his apartment door.[3]

Notable residents[edit]


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31°45′41″N 35°12′23″E / 31.761474°N 35.206488°E / 31.761474; 35.206488