Kiryat Sanz, Jerusalem

Coordinates: 31°47′53″N 35°12′40″E / 31.797983°N 35.211031°E / 31.797983; 35.211031
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Kiryat Sanz (Hebrew: קריית צאנז) is a Haredi Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem. It is located in the northwestern part of Jerusalem.

The neighborhood was established in 1965 by Jewish immigrants from Sanz in Galicia,[1] largely as a center for their followers.

The neighborhood is bordered by the neighborhoods Kiryat Belz and Ezrat Torah.

Rabbinic presence[edit]

Rabbi Dov Berel Weiss, son-in-law of the first Klausenburger Rebbe, Rabbi Yekusiel Yehudah Halberstam, was the Gaon Av Beth Din of Kiryat Sanz.[2][3]


  • EYAHT College of Jewish Studies for Women, founded by Rebbetzin Denah Weinberg
  • The Yad Eliezer poverty-relief organization was founded and operated in Kiryat Sanz from 1980 to 2000 by residents Rabbi Yaakov and Hadassah Weisel. The organization is now headquartered in the Shmuel HaNavi neighborhood.[4]


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31°47′53″N 35°12′40″E / 31.797983°N 35.211031°E / 31.797983; 35.211031