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This is a list of songs about Jerusalem, including major parts of the city such as individual neighborhoods and sections. Religiously significant to all three Abrahamic religions for centuries, Jerusalem has been artistically associated with widely varied concepts. There are many songs about Jerusalem from various time periods, especially nationalistically-themed songs from the time of the Six-Day War, when East Jerusalem passed from Jordanian control to Israeli.

Additionally many Biblical Psalms, styled as songs, were written specifically about Jerusalem. Jewish liturgy and hymns are rife with references to Jerusalem.

Hebrew language[edit]

National and folk songs[edit]

  • "Hatikvah", national anthem of Israel, mentions Jerusalem heavily
  • "Yerushalayim shel zahav" (Hebrew: ירושלים של זהב, "Jerusalem of Gold") by Naomi Shemer, performed by Shuli Natan, Ofra Haza and many others
  • "Lakh Yerushalayim" (Hebrew: לך ירושלים, "For You, Jerusalem")
  • "Shabekhi Yerushalayim" (Hebrew: שבחי ירושלים, "Praise the Lord, Jerusalem!"), based on Psalms 147:12–13 (lyrics) and Avihu Medina, performed by Glykeria and many others
  • "Yefe Noff" (Hebrew: יפה נוף, "Beautiful scenery"), written by Judah Halevi 12th cet., based on Psalms 48:3, performed by Etti Ankri

Jewish liturgy[edit]

  • The third paragraph of the Birkat HaMazon, the Grace After Meals is completely about God blessing Jerusalem and rebuilding it.
  • Lekhah dodi (Hebrew: לכה דודי, "Come, my beloved"), written by Rabbi Shlomo Halevi is recited at Kabbalat Shabbat and makes many references to Jerusalem as the royal city and that it shall be rebuilt over its ruins.

Shabbat zemirot[edit]

  • "Tzur Mishelo Achalnu" (Hebrew: צור משלו אכלנו, "Rock from whom we have eaten") – the last two stanzas are about having compassion for the city of Zion and for a restoration there.
  • "Ya Ribon Olam" (Hebrew: יה ריבון עולם, "God Master of the World") – is a song in Hebrew and Aramaic whose final stanza is about the restoration of the Temple in "Jerusalem, City of Beauty"
  • "Yom zeh l'Yisrael" (Hebrew: יום זה לישראל, "This is a day for Israel") – the final stanza asks God to remember the ruined city, Jerusalem.

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