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Jerusalem Municipality

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Jerusalem City Hall offices in Safra Square, 2009

The Jerusalem Municipality (Hebrew: עיריית ירושלים), the seat of the municipal administration, consists of a number of buildings located on Jaffa Road in the city of Jerusalem.


The old British town hall and Barclays Bank, circa 1940

British Mandate town hall (1930)

Jerusalem's town hall was built in 1930, during the British Mandate. The construction was financed by Barclays Bank, whose offices were located in the rounded section of the building facing the Old City walls.[1] The building was designed by British architect Clifford Holliday. Stained glass windows designed by Israeli artist Avigdor Arikha were installed in the City Council Chamber in 1972. [2]

Israeli municipality compound (1990s)

The new complex of the Jerusalem municipality was built in the 1990s in Safra Square. Offices were previously located in 32 different buildings around the city. As the site is at the historic centre of the city, various measures were taken to meet the practical needs of the town hall without damaging the architectural and historical character of the district. A number of historical buildings were renovated and two modern buildings were constructed.

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