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Route 417
כביש 417
Route information
Length16 km (9.9 mi)
Major junctions
West end
  • Junction at Weizmann Blvd
East end
  • Adumim Interchange
Major cities
Highway system

Route 417 (Hebrew: כביש 417, "Kvish Arba'-Achat-Sheva'") is an intercity road in Israel and the West Bank that stretches from the west side of Jerusalem to Ma'ale Adumim and Highway 1 east to the Jordan Valley.


Most of the road serves as a local thoroughfare within Jerusalem and East Jerusalem. The road has been non-contiguous since the construction of the Israeli West Bank barrier through Abu Dis in 2006.[1] Route 417 used to be the main route from the west to the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea, bypassing downtown Jerusalem. With the opening of Jerusalem Road 9 (Derech Yitzhak Shamir and Yigal Yadin Boulevard) and the Ma'ale Adumim Road, the historic route lost that distinction. With the closure of the road in Abu Dis, the route no longer serves that option at all.


The route's name changes many times along the way. From west to east:

Yirmiyahu Street[edit]

Named after the biblical prophet,[2] the route begins at Weizmann Boulevard at the base of the Strings Bridge, an area known historically as the western "Jerusalem Gate", the main entrance to the city from the west. It passes the beginning of Jaffa Road near the Jerusalem Central Bus Station and the headquarters of Magen David Adom. It then winds through the Romema neighborhood as a commercial and light-industrial four-lane divided boulevard.

Early morning traffic-free view of Bar-Ilan Street

Bar-Ilan Street[edit]

Just past the Shikun Chabad neighborhood, the well-known Bar-Ilan St. named after Rabbi Meir Berlin, passes between the Haredi neighborhoods of Tel Arza, Mahanayim and Bukharim. Here the road serves as a major shopping street. In many sections, fencing exists on the median divider to prevent pedestrians from crossing between controlled intersections on this heavily congested section. Before 1955, this was called "The Ring Road", skirting around the northern edge of what was then the built-up area of central Jerusalem.[2]

Hativat HarEl Street[edit]

Named after the famous Harel Brigade,[2] this 0.3 km section widens into a 6-lane divided boulevard between the Sanhedria and Shmuel HaNavi neighborhoods.

Levi Eshkol Boulevard[edit]

This section, built in 1968, was named after Israel's third prime minister.[2] The route continues past the Ma'alot Dafna, Ramat Eshkol and Givat HaMivtar neighborhoods. Just short of Haim Bar-Lev Boulevard (Highway 60), also known as Jerusalem Road 1, a 0.2 km tunnel provides an alternate route bypassing the congested traffic-light controlled intersection which includes a crossing of the Jerusalem Light Rail tracks.

Hebrew University Boulevard[edit]

This 0.6 km stretch passes Kiryat Menachem Begin, the Dan Jerusalem Hotel (formerly the Hyatt Regency) and the main entrance road to the Hebrew University's Har HaTsofim campus.

Wadi al-Joz Street[edit]

While most traffic continues straight through the new Har HaTzofim tunnels bypassing East Jerusalem's built-up areas and connecting to Highway 1 to Ma'ale Adumim and the Dead Sea, the official Route 417 makes a right turn southward onto Wadi al-Joz St. Here, in the Wadi al-Joz neighborhood, named after the "Walnut Valley",[2] the street serves as a main commercial artery. This section of the road contains many auto-repair shops giving it the nickname among Hebrew speakers of 'Wadi Egzōz' (i.e., exhaust).

al-Maqdesi Street[edit]

Continuing southward as a commercial street, this 0.4 km stretch, named after the famous 10th-century Arab geographer,[2] passes the Failey Center for the Arts and the Rockefeller Museum as it approaches the northeast corner of Jerusalem's Old City.

Jericho Road in the Kidron Valley,
traditional site of Gethsemane with
Church of All Nations (center) and
Church of Maria Magdalene (upper right)

Jericho Road[edit]

Along the eastern edge of the Old City, the now named Jericho Road descends into the Kidron Valley, also known by its biblical name, the Valley of Josaphat.[3] The valley is the site of many tombs: the Tomb of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Pillar of Absalom, the Tomb of Benei Hezir, the Tomb of Zechariah, the tomb of Josaphat and the tomb of Saint James.

The road then runs along the bottom of the Mount of Olives and continues through the Ras al-Amud, Ma'ale ha-Zeitim and Wadi Qadum neighborhoods as a commercial street.

At ash-Shiyah Street at the edge of Abu Dis, the Israeli West Bank barrier has been erected. Originally including a security checkpoint, the road was permanently closed in 2006. Past the barrier, the road continues as a commercial artery through Abu Dis, al-Eizariya and Jahalin.

As it passes Ma'ale Adumim, the route becomes a freeway, finally merging into Highway 1 to the Jordan Valley.

Junctions (west to east)[edit]

km Location Name Type Meaning Road(s) Crossed
Jerusalem Municipality
Yirmiyahu Street
0 Romema Israel road sign 122.svg Weizmann Blvd.
Strings Bridge
0.05 Romema Israel road sign 122.svg Jaffa Road
0.1 Romema Israel road sign 122.svg Ha Mem Gimel St.
0.2 Romema Israel road sign 122.svg Aholiab St.,[4]
HaTvi St.
0.3 Romema Fareskilt 20beige.png HaRikma St.[5]
0.4 Romema Fareskilt 20beige.png HaRikma St.
0.5 Romema Fareskilt 20beige.png Tuval St.[6]
HaTchelet St.
0.6 Romema Fareskilt 20beige.png HaTchelet St.
0.7 Romema Zeichen 215 - Kreisverkehr, StVO 2000.svg Argaman St.[7]
1 Romema Fareskilt 20beige.png Tuval St.
1.1 Romema Israel road sign 122.svg Shamgar St.[8]
1.2 Romema ככר לוין
(Rabbi Levin Square)
Israel road sign 122.svg named after
Rabbi Pinhas Ya'akov
HaCohen Levin
Minhat Yitzhak St.
1.6 Shikun Chabad ככר הרב עזריאל זעליג סלונים
(Rabbi Azriel
Zelig Slonim Square)
Fareskilt 20beige.png named after
Rabbi Avriel Zelig Slonim
Elkana St.[9]
1.7 Tel Arza, Bukharim ככר הרב אברמסקי
(Rabbi Abramsky Square)
Israel road sign 122.svg named after
Rabbi Yehezkel Abramsky
Eli HaCohen St.[10]
Tsfanya St.
Bar-Ilan Street
1.73 Tel Arza, Bukharim eastbound only Fareskilt 20beige.png Issa Bracha St.
1.76 Tel Arza, Bukharim Fareskilt 20beige.png Yosef Ziv St.,
HaBucharim St.
1.82 Tel Arza, Bukharim Fareskilt 20beige.png Adoniyahu HaCohen St.
1.87 Mahanayim, Bukharim Fareskilt 20beige.png Hacham Shmuel Bruchim St.,
Ki Tov St.
1.89 Mahanayim, Bukharim Fareskilt 20beige.png Rabeinu Gershom St.
1.93 Mahanayim, Bukharim westbound only Fareskilt 20beige.png HaGaon MiTurda St.
1.96 Mahanayim, Bukharim Israel road sign 122.svg Ohalei Yosef St.,
Evyatar HaCohen St.[11]
2.08 Mahanayim, Bukharim eastbound only Fareskilt 20beige.png Avinadav St.[12]
2.2 Mahanayim, Bukharim,
Sanhedriya, Shmuel HaNavi
ככר בית החיים
(Beit HaHayyim Square)
Israel road sign 122.svg House of Life
(name of adjacent
municipal Funeral Home)
ISR-HW-436.svg Route 436
(Shmuel HaNavi St.)[13]
Hativat HarEl Street
2.4 Sanhedriya, Shmuel HaNavi Fareskilt 20beige.png Etz Hadar St.
2.6 Sanhedriya, Shmuel HaNavi Israel road sign 122.svg Eretz Hefetz St.
Levi Eshkol Boulevard
2.65 Ramat Eshkol,
Ma'alot Dafna
westbound only Fareskilt 20beige.png Mikvei Yisrael St.
2.7 Ramat Eshkol,
Ma'alot Dafna
Fareskilt 20beige.png Mismar HaGvul St.
2.8 Green Line
2.9 Ramat Eshkol,
Ma'alot Dafna
Israel road sign 122.svg Ma'avar HaMitla St.,
Ya'akov (Carl) Netter St.
3.5 Ramat Eshkol,
Givat HaMivtar
Israel road sign 122.svg Sheshet HaYammim St.
3.6 Givat HaMivtar,
Givat HaTahmoshet,
Kiryat Menachem Begin,
HaGiv'a HaTzarfatit
ככר מיינרצהאגן
(Meinertzhagen Square)
Israel road sign 122.svg
Tram sign israelbeige.png
named after
Richard Meinertzhagen
ISR-HW-60.svg Highway 60
(Haim Bar-Lev Blvd.)
Jerusalem Light Rail Station
Hebrew University Blvd.
4.1 Kiryat Menachem Begin,
Har HaTsofim
Israel road sign 122.svg Aharon Katzir St.
4.2 Wadi al-Joz,
Har HaTsofim
Israel road sign 122.svg Shayeret HaTzofim Blvd.,
Yitzhak HaNadiv St.
(to Har HaTsofim Tunnels)
Wadi Al-Joz Street
4.3 Wadi Al-Joz Zeichen 215 - Kreisverkehr, StVO 2000.svg Beni Ummayya St.
4.5 Wadi Al-Joz Fareskilt 20beige.png Abu Bakir as-Sideeq St.
4.8 Wadi Al-Joz Fareskilt 20beige.png Ibn Tulun St.
4.9 Wadi Al-Joz Fareskilt 20beige.png Uthman ibn Affan St.
5 Wadi Al-Joz Fareskilt 20beige.png Khalid ibn al-Walid St.
5.1 Wadi al-Joz Fareskilt 20beige.png Al-Maqdesi Street St.
Al-Maqdesi Street
5.2 Wadi al-Joz Fareskilt 20beige.png Abu Hanifa St.
5.3 Wadi al-Joz Fareskilt 20beige.png Akhwan as-Saffa St.
5.5 Wadi al-Joz Fareskilt 20beige.png Al-Akhtal St.
5.6 Old City
Wadi al-Joz
Israel road sign 122.svg Sultan Suleiman St.,
Samaw'al ibn 'Adiya St.
(At-Tur Road)
Jericho Road
6.4 Old City Fareskilt 20beige.png Lions' Gate Road
6.5 Old City Fareskilt 20beige.png Ophel Road
6.6 Har HaZeitim Fareskilt 20beige.png al-Mansuriya St.
7.2 Ras al-Amud
Ma'ale ha-Zeitim
Har HaZeitim
Zeichen 215 - Kreisverkehr, StVO 2000.svg Panorama St
7.3 Ras al-Amud
Ma'ale ha-Zeitim
Fareskilt 20beige.png Ma'ale ha-Zeitim St
7.5 Har HaZeitim Fareskilt 20beige.png local street
7.7 Ras al-Amud
Wadi Qadum
pedestrians only Fareskilt 20beige.png Ras al-Amud St
al-Sahel al-Akhdar St
7.8 Wadi Qadum Fareskilt 20beige.png al-Ansar St
Nazalat Abu-Suwaiy St
8.2 ash-Sheikh
Wadi Qadum
Zeichen 215 - Kreisverkehr, StVO 2000.svg Wadi Abdallah St.
8.25 ash-Sheikh
Wadi Qadum
Fareskilt 20beige.png al-Wafaa' St
8.75 ash-Sheikh
Wadi Qadum
Fareskilt 20beige.png local street
9 ash-Sheikh
Wadi Qadum
Abu Dis
Ras al-Qubsa Square Zeichen 215 - Kreisverkehr, StVO 2000.svg ash-Sheikh St.
Ras al-Qubsa St.
Jerusalem Municipality
Zeichen 267 - Verbot der Einfahrt, StVO 1970.svgNO eastbound through-traffic
9 Zeichen 267 - Verbot der Einfahrt, StVO 1970.svgAbu Dis Security Checkpoint (closed)
Zeichen 267 - Verbot der Einfahrt, StVO 1970.svgNO westbound through-traffic
9.5 Abu Dis Fareskilt 20.PNG 12 local streets
10.3 Abu Dis, al-Eizariya Zeichen 215 - Kreisverkehr, StVO 2000.svg local street
10.9 al-Eizariya Fareskilt 20.PNG 19 local streets
12.2 Jahalin Fareskilt 20.PNG 5 local streets
12.5 Jahalin Zeichen 215 - Kreisverkehr, StVO 2000.svg local street
12.6 Jahalin Fareskilt 20.PNG 2 local streets
Zeichen 267 - Verbot der Einfahrt, StVO 1970.svgNO westbound through-traffic for yellow (Israeli) license plates
13.7 Kedar Fareskilt 20.PNG Kedar Road
13.8 Ma'ale Adumim צומת מעלה אדומים
(Ma'ale Adumim Junction)
Zeichen 215 - Kreisverkehr, StVO 2000.svg Derech Har HaBayit
16 Ma'ale Adumim מחלף אדומים
(Adumim Interchange)
Red (Ascent) ISR-FW-1.svg
Highway 1

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Coordinates: 31°46′56.05″N 35°14′20.04″E / 31.7822361°N 35.2389000°E / 31.7822361; 35.2389000