Sha'arei Hesed

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An alleyway in Sha'arei Hesed

Sha'arei Hesed (also Sha'arei Chessed) (Hebrew: שערי חסד, lit. Gates of Loving-kindness) is a neighborhood in central Jerusalem, bordering Rehavia, Nahlaot and Kiryat Wolfson.


Neighborhood plan, 1909

One of the founders of the neighborhood was Yoel Moshe Salomon, who also founded Nahalat Shiv'a.[1] The cornerstone was laid by the Ashkenazi chief rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Shmuel Salant, in 1909.[2] Rabbi Salant and Rabbi Naftali Porush established a building fund with donations from abroad to build small apartments for religious Jews in Jerusalem. The first 114 houses were built on long, narrow plots of land with a small yard in front or back.[3]


In recent years, Sha'arei Hesed has become a modern Haredi neighborhood, as old-time Jerusalemites move out. The area is undergoing gentrification, and many homes have been purchased by affluent Orthodox Jewish families from abroad,[4] especially from English-speaking countries. The neighborhood has several yeshivas, among them Maalos Hatorah, Midrash Shmuel and Noam HaTalmud, along with a large number of synagogues.

Notable residents[edit]


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31°46′46.63″N 35°12′40.49″E / 31.7796194°N 35.2112472°E / 31.7796194; 35.2112472