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Ticho House
Ticho House Entrance

Ticho House (Hebrew: בית טיכו, Beit Tikho) is a historical home in Jerusalem, Israel, now functioning as a museum, administered as part of the national Israel Museum, which includes a restaurant and cultural center. It was one of the first homes built outside the Old City walls during the 1860s.[citation needed]


The house was constructed by a wealthy Arab, Aga Rashid Nashashibi, in 1864.[citation needed] Antiquities dealer Moses Wilhelm Shapira lived in the house with his family between 1873 and 1883.[1] In 1924, Dr. Abraham Albert Ticho, an ophthalmologist, and his wife, Anna Ticho, an artist, bought the house.[2] Dr. Ticho was stabbed and seriously wounded during the 1929 Palestine riots outside his eye clinic near Damascus Gate.[3] After his recovery, Dr. Ticho used the first floor as his new clinic, from which he served the population of Jerusalem until his death in 1960.[4] Anna Ticho hosted local and British government officials in her home, as well as many artists, writers, academics and intellectuals.

Anna Ticho bequeathed the house and all its contents, including her husband's Judaica collections and library, to the city of Jerusalem.[citation needed]


Ticho House operates the kosher dairy restaurant, Anna Italian Café. Live jazz and classical music performances are also held there.[5] The restaurant moved in 2015 from the ground floor to the upper floor of the building.


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