Yoshio Abe

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Yoshio Abe (Japanese: 阿部 余四男, Hepburn: Abe Yoshio, 3 January 1891 – 22 April 1960[1]), from Yamagata Prefecture,[1] was a professor of zoology at Hiroshima University of Arts and Science [ja] which was amalgamated into Hiroshima University by the enactment of National School Establishment Law and the above-mentioned Hiroshima University after the amalgamation.[1]

He, graduate from University of Tokyo,[1] was the first Japanese scientist to study kinorhynchs, and one such animal, Dracoderes abei, was named after him.[2] Also named after him was Abe's salamander and Abe's Whiskered Bat, Myotis abei Yoshikura 1944, as a tribute from one of his students.


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