Palestinian National Theatre

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Palestinian National Theatre
المسرح الوطني الفلسطيني
Region served
State of Palestine

The Palestinian National Theatre or El-Hakawati Theatre (Arabic: المسرح الوطني الفلسطيني) is a Palestinian-owned theatre in Jerusalem's American Colony neighbourhood, near New Orient House. The theatre has been serving to actively encourage and promote Palestinian artistic and cultural activities and collaborates with the Palestinian ministry of culture, several United Nations organisations, and a wide range of local and international NGOs.[1]

In 1989, guest performance by the El-Hakawati Theatre at The Public Theater, New York City, was cancelled by Joseph Papp, as he said that he was afraid that the play would ""offend" Jews who "constitute a high proportion of the theater audience in any city, but especially in New York.""[2]

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History and general information[edit]

The PNT was founded by the Palestinian El-Hakawati Theatre Company. After one year, the management of the center was handed over to a board of directors composed of artists, writers, and notable persons in the Palestinian community.[citation needed]

Mission and objectives[edit]

The Palestinian National Theatre (PNT) is a Palestinian non profit cultural institution which strives to create and to develop a unique cultural life in Jerusalem.[citation needed]

Main projects and activities[edit]

The PNT shall work on the basis of a national cultural policy that stems its spiritual strength from the pluralistic history, culture and heritage of Palestine. Its aim is to raise the literary and intellectual awareness of Palestinians by expanding their horizons and developing their awareness in order to produce a community of people that have confidence and pride in themselves and respect for the differences of others.[citation needed]


The Palestinian National Theater (Hakawati) received the Yasser Arafat Award for Excellence and Creativity in 2016.[citation needed]


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