Al Dissi Mosque

Coordinates: 31°46′25″N 35°13′50″E / 31.77361°N 35.23056°E / 31.77361; 35.23056
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Al Dissi Mosque
مسجد الديسي
LocationOld City of Jerusalem
Al Dissi Mosque is located in Jerusalem
Al Dissi Mosque
Shown within Jerusalem
Geographic coordinates31°46′25″N 35°13′50″E / 31.77361°N 35.23056°E / 31.77361; 35.23056

The Al Dissi mosque or the Al Disi mosque (Arabic: مسجد الديسي) is a Medieval mosque located within the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, on the edge between the Armenian Quarter and the Jewish Quarter.[1]

In 2018 the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, funded the renovation of the mosque; Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth states that the local Jewish community and the Waqf "came to an agreement" that there would be no muezzin calling from the minaret.[2] Sheikh Mazen Ahram, a Jerusalem Imam, says that the mosque's muezzin loudspeakers were confiscated by Israeli authorities in 1993, who subsequently prevented any announcements from the minaret.[1] He also says that the land in front of the mosque, owned by the Islamic Waqf, was confiscated by Israel and converted into a car park,[1] and that due to its location near the Jewish Quarter, users of the mosque have faced racist insults and harassment.[1]


Location of the mosque, between the Armenian and Jewish quarters, in a 1936 Survey of Palestine map

The mosque dates back to the Ayyubid era of Al-Mu'azzam Isa, and was later restored in the Mamluk era.[1] In 1487 it was endowed by Al-Kameli ibn Abu-Sharif,[3] and mention the mosque as "Masjid al-Omar".[4] It was subsequently named the Al Dissi Mosque after a member of the Jerusalemite Al Dissi family.[3]

1967-76 demolition works carried out by the “Jewish Quarter Development Company” adjacent to the site damaged the structure of the mosque; it was subsequently renovated by the Islamic Waqf.[3]


The mosque has a minaret that is about 15 meters high, and has an area of 60 square meters.[4] The mosque prayer area is situated along a small corridor behind the low steel gate in the main entrance.[3]


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