Church of the Holy Archangels, Jerusalem

Coordinates: 31°46′24″N 35°13′46″E / 31.77327°N 35.22948°E / 31.77327; 35.22948
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Church of the Holy Archangels
Location of Church of the Holy Archangels in a detailed map of the monastery compound.[1]

The Church of the Holy Archangels (Armenian: Սրբոց Հրեշտակապետաց եկեղեցի, romanizedSrbots Hreštakapetats yekeğetsi), also known as Deir ez-Zeitun (دير الزيتون Dayr az-Zaytūn, "Monastery of the Olive Tree"),[2] is an Armenian Orthodox Christian church in the Armenian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.


According to a tradition, this site was the house of High Priest Annas, although earlier traditions also placed the house at different sites, such as on Jehoshaphat Street[3] or on Mount Zion.[4]

One of the chambers supposedly was the prison of Christ.[5][6] However, the gospels have divergent accounts about whether Jesus was brought to Annas' or Caiaphas' house/court. Therefore, the Armenian Monastery of Saint Saviour (the "House of Caiaphas", also called Dair Habs al-Masih, lit.'monastery of the Masīḥ's prison'[7][8]) also claims to host a prison of Christ, where he was supposed to be held after the Sanhedrin trial.[9][10]


The monastery was founded in the 12th or 13th century.[11]


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31°46′24″N 35°13′46″E / 31.77327°N 35.22948°E / 31.77327; 35.22948